Feedstock for Biodiesel

NG has a wide network of feedstock suppliers for high quality Biodiesel from all around the world, including such countries as Argentina, Belarus, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, South Africa, United States and others. 

We collect UCO, rapeseed, sunflower, soybean oils and deliver it to the refinery, we can provide market research and brokerage services as well as build the total supply chain for your refinery. 

NG has established permanent storage for this feedstock in Rotterdam and Tallinn.

To expand our biofuel (biodiesel) operations we are looking to establish new contacts with:

  • vegetable oil producers or UCO collectors;
  • refineries/producers that are looking for additional or new feedstock of high quality and from reliable resources; 

Please contact us if you are one of the above at: biofuels@naftosgroup.com

Feedstock for Biodiesel